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We are Specialized in designing and commissioning of laboratories in various disciplines

About Moray General Trading

WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN DESIGNING AND COMMISSIONING OF TECHNICAL FURNISHING SOLUTIONS such as Educational institutional laboratories, Food industrial laboratories, Testing laboratories, Research laboratories, Treatment plant laboratories, Petroleum laboratories, Oil laboratories, Health care and hospital laboratories, Paint laboratories, Cement laboratories ,Textiles and garments laboratories, Agricultural laboratories, Fisheries laboratories ,Veterinary laboratories, Computer labs, Archaeological laboratories, Micro biological laboratories, Film industries, Forensic laboratories, Container and mobile laboratories etc…

We provide state of the art, cost effective specialized furnishing solutions for clients throughout UAE, MIDDLEEAST and AFRICAN countries

We are equipped with advanced CAD capabilities offering the ability to see a virtual representation of your final product, be it Laboratory, interior works, Class rooms, General fabrications, Pre fabricated container buildings, etc…

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