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Social media monitoring-Buid your company reputation

Social media monitoring-Buid your company reputation

You know the job of a detective, Right??He does all the research and notes down all the details about the subject. Similarly, Social Media Monitoring is the detective of the marketing. Social Media Monitoring is a tool which helps you to know about whatever is being said about you on the internet and not just on the traditional sites but on million other platforms too.

It is further known by various names like Social media monitoring, Buzz analytics, online analytics etc. Social Media monitoring does not only monitor the social monitoring sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but other sites like Blogs, Forums, News sites, Review sites etc. as well. The Social media monitoring tools peep into various sites index them and provide you with the required information.

Following are the tools that can be used for Social media monitoring-


This Social media monitoring platform supports network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube etc. Other integrations are also possible through the Hootsuite’s app including Mailchimp, Reddit, Tumblr etc. It will provide you with weekly reports.


It is another effective Social media monitoring tool that collects information not just from the renowned sites. This tool also provides you with the convenience of charts to compare the trend on various Social media pages.

How Sociable

It is a tool which helps you in analyzing your social media presence. A free account on this tool gives the access to data from 12 sites and a paid account will provide you with the data from other 24 sites.


As the name itself suggest, anywhere there is a mention of you, it will inform you. How great. Isn’t? It helps you keep a track of share alert, team actions etc.

Simply Measured

This tool helps you keep a track of your paid, owned and earned activity. It is mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

How Social media monitoring helps you in business?

Once you have all the data through one of these effective tools you can use that to analyze the ongoing trends by focusing on the keywords. You can track customer’s feelings related to the product or service. You can observe engagement trends, identify key influencer, compare statistics and create reports.

The internet is so vast that all your marketing strategies can be lost if not taken proper care of. By using these Social media monitoring tools you can monitor all of your ideas and strategies and therefore can improve your business.  So if you are working hard on social media marketing but not getting enough results, use one of these tools can get instant results. So, what are you waiting for? Start before all your marketing strategies sink deep on the internet.


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