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How to maintain the social media followers?

How to maintain the social media followers?

You must have heard of the famous proverb, ‘old is gold’.  Do you agree with this? If yes, then what are you doing to maintain this gold??

In any business either online or offline customers or followers are the most important ingredient.  In an offline business, you can’t monitor your customer’s activity related to your business very minutely. But an online business gives you the privilege to monitor all this carefully.  In an online business it takes a lot to have loyal and genuine followers but once you have them you just start taking them lightly. Why do you think will continue following you if they are not feeling important??

 You need to concentrate not only on the engagement of new followers but on the existing ones as well. Here are a few tips and ways for you to engage your current followers-

1) Follow them back- following your followers back will give them the feeling that they are important to you and they will appreciate your effort.

2) Sharing their content - While many social media users have come to expect the occasional message or follow-back, very few expect to be called out by name. Sharing a piece of relevant content from a new follower, be it a Facebook post, Instagram photo or YouTube video, can be a significant moment for that individual.

3) Organize a contest- You can organize some competitions to engage your followers and can give small prizes or shout out to the winner.

4) giveaways- If you are a clothing brand or an accessories related business, you can hold some giveaway contest from time to time to maintain the interest of your followers. If you are a consultancy or an event management brand you can organize some free 4 minutes call with the experts etc.

5) Guessing games- you can engage your customers by organizing some guessing games about the new product you are about to launch. You can provide some hints related to the product and let your customers race the memory horse to guess the answers.

These are some of the effective ways that you can employ to maintain your existing followers.  The interest of followers is important to maintain the durability of the business. New followers will be old one day and if you didn’t do anything to keep them engaged the future of your business will be in dark. Don’t wait now, start saying Thank-you to your customers today..



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