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About The Nut House of Art

I named this community of innovation & interaction as the Nuthouse of art for two reasons; first that throughout old ages anyone who ever created or invented something new into his community was always called Crazy; crazy as in nutjob and that was just because his people wasn’t familiar with the invention itself. Those crazy people are the reason we live in such an advanced world. Second, why I see any chosen category it as an art? Well, let’s say it’s because if you practice to master your talent or your hobby; you will feel such content as it would be an art to you because you love it so you enjoy it.

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We all know the beauty of a rose is very short-lived.....Or is it? She wished that roses would not wither away so soon and could retain their beauty longer. Little did the heroine of our story know that it was only a matter of time until this "wish of hers" as well as many others would one day come true!


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